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Individual security hologram

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Individual Secured Holograms:
A Cutting-Edge Solution for Protecting Valuable Products and Documents
Individual Secured Holograms are high-tech security features used to protect a variety of products, documents, and identification cards. These holograms are designed to provide a unique and visually appealing layer of protection that can deter counterfeits and protect against unauthorized duplication. With the rise of digital technology, the use of secured holograms has become increasingly popular, providing an added level of protection to physical documents and products.
Here are some key features of Individual Secured Holograms:
Tamper-evident technology

Detects any attempt to remove or alter the hologram, ensuring the authenticity of the product.

Trusted by Industrial companies

Holograms are widely used and trusted in a variety of industries, including government, finance, and pharmaceuticals.

Durable and long-lasting quality

Resistant to water, heat, and other environmental factors, ensuring the longevity of the hologram.

Tracked and Verifiable

Individual Secured Holograms can be assigned unique serial numbers and tracked, providing a means of verifying authenticity and safeguarding against fraud.

Adds Value

The use of Individual Secured Holograms adds a layer of protection and enhances the perceived value of the protected products or documents, which can be especially valuable for high-end or premium items.

Are you looking for a reliable and professional solution for protecting your business against counterfeiting and fraud? Look no further than Gammagraphic Ltd, a leading manufacturer of secured holograms. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, Gammagraphic Ltd can help you choose the right type of hologram to meet your unique business needs. Whether you need individual secured holograms for product packaging, holographic labels for ID cards, or another type of secured hologram, Gammagraphic Ltd has the expertise and resources to deliver a customized solution that fits your needs perfectly.

Also, you can order colorful backgrounds for this type of hologram!

As the digital age progresses, safeguarding valuable products and documents becomes a paramount concern for individuals and organizations alike. Enter Individual Secured Holograms – a cutting-edge security feature designed to offer a unique and captivating layer of protection against counterfeits and unauthorized duplication.

These holograms are a sophisticated blend of technology and creativity, providing not only a secure defense against fraudulent activities but also a visually appealing aspect that elevates the look of the protected product or document. The widespread popularity of these holograms stems from their versatility – they can be applied to a wide range of products, from identification cards to certificates and beyond.

However, it’s not just the versatility that makes Individual Secured Holograms an essential security measure. These holograms are engineered to be tamper-proof, resistant to counterfeiting and manipulation, with each design customizable to the specific needs of the user. The unique designs and materials used in their creation make them an effective deterrent against fraudulent activities.

As the threat of counterfeits and unauthorized duplication continues to rise in the digital era, Individual Secured Holograms play a crucial role in providing a secure and visually appealing layer of protection for valuable products and documents.

Mintage: from 10 000 pieces

Completion date: up to 25 working days

Hologram foil colors: silver, gold, transparent, green, red, blue, blue-red, green-red.

Ways to secure individual holograms:

Kinetic effects – at vertical and horizontal parallax there is either a rotation of sun rays around the center of the hologram, or pulsation of the background and counter-phase pulsation of the guillemot pattern covering the central part of the hologram.

Color coding is obtaining a given combination of the gamut of colors visible on the hologram at a certain angle.

Moiré effect – when two systems of contrasting stripes are superimposed, a pattern formed by their thickening in places where the stripes of one system fall into the gaps between the stripes of the other system appears.

2D/3D effect – restoration of a multi-plane image with maximum depth of field

3D effect – three-dimensional elements contained in the structure of the hologram

Microtexts are texts embedded in the hologram with a font size of less than 0.1 mm.

Nanotext – extremely small texts, font height less than 20 µm

Plastic effect – giving the element a convex feature, depending on the lighting the object is colored or achromatic

Guilloche mesh is a pattern consisting of a complex weave of thin lines.

Hidden images are special markings that are invisible to the eye and indistinguishable with a microscope.

Individual numbering

Holograms can be individually numbered by thermal transfer printer or laser beam (demetallization of reflective metallized layer).

Here are the most popular shapes and sizes of holograms. We offer many combinations of patterns. Need a different dimension? We have over 100 other dies. Note: The image does not represent actual dimensions. 
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